So apparently, had to buy a new phone in 10-15k budget and there was a pretty large amount of devices to choose from! Brands like Asus, Lenovo, Micromax, Xiaomi, Carbon etc. are bringing down their prices to compete in Common Men’s market, I had to crawl the whole(almost!) internet to decide which one to go with. And Finally Mi4i’s 1080p display made me fell in love with it. And I do not regret my decision to go with the 4i.

Basic Specs:

– Model: Mi 4i

– Codename: Ferrari

– Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 clocked at 1.65Ghz and 1.11GHz per 4 cores

– Architecture: Octacore 64bit

– GPU: Adreno 405 @ 550MHz

– RAM: 2 GB

– Memory: 16 GB (Internal only!) 12.10GB usable

– Display: 4.92′(5′) 1080p display 480dpi

– Camera: 13 megapixel + 5 megapixel


– Antutu: 37560

– Geekbench 3: Single core: 706 Multi core:2628

– GPU Benchmark 3D: 15,021 points

* These scores may vary device to device
* These scores were recorded in Performance Mode
* MIUI version: 5.6.25 | Beta 

As a Daily Driver:

When I recieved the device, It was running an unoptimized version of MIUI. Since the first day, device was struggling in normal multitasking even in Performance Mode!!! e.g. Whatsapp and Gallery’s simultaneous use was enough to make device unresponsive for a second.

But Xiaomi came back with a bang. Back to back updates on regular basis and 4i is now living up to the standards. That lag and unresponsiveness is completely gone. In the mean time they’ve released the kernel source as well, thus custom ROMs are on their way.

Even in the BETA version of MIUI, 4i is flying. 10/10 to Xiaomi for efficient software support. But since I’m one of the biggest fan of CyanogenMod, I’ll be opting for CM ROM once it is fully functional.


Since I had some spare time due to vacations, gaming became more than casual. Thus decided to install some heavy games on 4i. Games that I installed were Asphalt 8, NFS Most Wanted, GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, MC 5, Max Payne, Real Racing 3, FIFA 15 and more!

First Impressions, OWW YEAHH!! This device can handle pretty much any game thrown at it.. But gradually that feeling fades away due to extensive heat this device produces due to 64 bit architecture.

Also you must switch to Performance Mode to have smooth experience! Well the feeling of awesomeness escalated quickly after an hour of intense gaming. Running Asphalt 8 in High Graphics turned 4i into a fire throwing dragon[not literally, Just a Phrase.] Temps were very high. Though with 1080p screen and famous heat producing stories of Snapdragon 615 I did expected it So no love-lost there!

So, If you aren’t a hardcore gamer you will not face extensive heat issue, keeping in mind that duration of gaming is under 20-25 mins. And for hardcore gamers if you change the settings to low-medium scale then you will be fine.

Mi 4i totally RECOMMENDED! Cheers..

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