” Almost Two and a half years since the day I met you and I’m so proud to say that you’ve never let me down, even for once! You silently became part of my life. I took you apart many times, replaced your components. You didn’t resist but adept them instead, as if they were there from the beginning. Everything I know about things(!) is because of you. Thank you for everything.”

Yeah this is me talking to my laptop. An i7 beast with 12 gigs of RAM under-the-hood and a gorgeous 15.6′ 1080p anti-reflective display. NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 630M with Optimus Technology makes it even better. Even though GT 630M is a low-end mobile GPU, this beast can run any game thrown at it. Obviously at a lower-framerate while running in High-Ultra settings. But it just works!

– Model: HP DV6 7095CA

– Series: Pavilion DV6

– CPU: 3rd Gen intel i7-3610QM 2.29GHz turbo boost upto 3GHz+

– Architecture: Quadcore[Physical] + Quadcore[logical] 64bit

– GPU: HD 4000 + 2 GB Nvidia GT 630M

– RAM: 12 GB

– Audio: Beats Audio with 4-speakers & sub-woofer

– A freaking blueray drive!

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From first Custom ROM to Custom kernel to first ever hackintosh! From first website to first application, This machine has seen everything. From windows to ubuntu to Mac OS X, it technically runs everything(Seriously!). From cracking WiFi passwords to overtaking friend’s account, this laptop has been my partner in crime in possibly everything. It is more than a machine to me.

” Even if I buy a new system, you’ll not be retired from your duties! That’s a promise. 2 years and running. “

Thank you, Better-half!